PESI Meeting 4 30 2022 Agenda

PESI Agenda – Apr. 30, 2022

9:00am – Brunch hosted by PESI officers

9:15 – Welcome and Introductions

Approval of slate of officers for 2022-23/24 and Communications Coordinator position

Treasurer’s Report – Peggy

  • Budget approval
  • Fundraiser – Raffle Tickets

PD – Caryl, Meg, Debbie, Becky

  • Warren
  • Lineweaver
  • Camp Cooper
  • Summer Academy

Curriculum – SRC – Meg 

Communications – Barbara, Ginny

  • STEM Nights (Walter Douglas, Safford and Borton scheduled) Will someone volunteer to work on activity boxes for STEM nights? Do STEM nights help us work toward our goals?
  • Parent Advocacy – parent workshop, what does a volunteer look like list/hand-out/session
  • Scholarships for leadership/teacher trainings – how is this being promoted

New Business:

  • Principals’ Forum – Marleen and Meg
  • School science facilitator support – Meg
  • Middle School focus – 
  • Do we need more frequent meetings? – Becky

    Maybe active supporters meet bi-monthly, as well?


Sessions after general meeting – 

  • Board to discuss scheduling a time to look at structure and goals (Peggy and Ginny)
  • Summer Academy to decide on focus, pre-planning, kits to use, and instructors (Caryl and Meg)



PESI Agenda – Apr. 30^J 2022

PESI Minutes 1-31-22

PESI Treasurer’s Report 2022.04.30