Registration Closes June 30th for the Stability & Change Science Teacher Virtual (Synchronous) Symposium

ASTA’s 4th annual symposium on crosscutting concepts will be occurring VIRTUALLY on July 12th & 13th!

The Stability & Change Science Teacher Symposium is an educational professional development event for PreK-12+ Arizona teachers to increase their understanding of science concepts concerning Stability and Change Crosscutting Concept.

Join ASTA for two incredible days of learning from scientists and researchers from Arizona and around the country. In the spirit of making lemonade with virtual lemons, we are taking advantage of experts from near and far. Throughout the symposium, educators will have the opportunity to look at a variety of science fields using the crosscutting concept lens of stability and change from the Grand Canyon to vaccines, the ocean, and more.

Hands-on experiences using materials in the box of goodies (worth ~$100) each attendee will receive in advance of the symposium, digestion time to discuss how the content and activities apply to their grade level, and time to ask questions to the lineup of everyday STEM superheroes serving as speakers will make this professional development experience out of this world. Using the book Ambitious Science Teaching, educators will reflect on how they can continue to improve their ambitious engagement of students in their learning spaces.  Check out the program!

Bonus Experience! Educators and their families are invited to enjoy a virtual star party in the evening on July 12th. Learn about the stars and constellations with experts from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Then, sit back with some popcorn for a series of talks and Q&A about Mars, the moon, and exoplanets facilitated by experts from NASA and the University of Arizona coordinated by the Planetary Science Institute. Get all your pressing space science questions answered by experts!

 Registration closes June 30th.  This will be live synchronous symposium.

Participants will receive approximately $100 worth of resources. The two days include learning from scientists and researchers across the country, hands-on lessons that can be done with your students and a stargazing family virtual event on Monday July 12.

Cost: $80 ASTA Member/ $110 Non-ASTA Member

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