#azprojectwet 9-Part Video Series on Groundwater in Arizona

Arizona Project WET is excited to release a 9-part video series on groundwater in Arizona.  In this thought-provoking video series, they unearth the secrets of how and where groundwater accumulates, the processes for bringing it to the surface, and how our water resources are managed throughout the state.   
They would like to share the Series with as many youth and adults within our Arizona networks and social media channels as possible!   This can be something as simple as sharing one of Arizona Project WET’s existing posts on FB, writing an email to colleagues and influencers and/or posting on a list-serv.
Please tag Arizona Project WET with  #azprojectwet   
on any shared or new posts so that they can track everyone’s outreach. 
Thank you very much for your support!         

 Kerry Schwartz, Pam Justice, Holly Thomas-Hilburn

The Arizona Project WET Team



To learn about Arizona’s most essential resource, visit: www.gw.projectwet.arizona.edu/groundwatervideos

Our call to action and link to the video series is: www.gw.projectwet.arizona.edu/groundwatervideos